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Hello everyone,i have a gaming pc,my average usage per day is around 4-5 hours daily,its been 6 months since i bought my pc and there are no issues with it,however what worries me is the dust accumulating inside the PC case (fans,graphics card etc.)Should i dismantle all components and clean the insides ? how worried should i be regarding this dust particles ?

My Pc Specs
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Intel i7 processor
8 gb ram
1 tb Harddisk
Coolermaster 690 II advanced edition Pc case
Coolermaster V6GT CPU Air cooler
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    Unless you are in a very dusty environment, it isn't a big deal if a little dust collects. Just open the side and look around. Dust usually collects on the intake fans the most. If you like to keep your PC in pristine condition, grab a can of compress air and blow out the dust. Just don't over do it and blow something loose.
  2. Yup thanks for the advice i have bought a compressed air can :)
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