Monitor went to sleep on graphics card. Works fine with onboard

My monitor display went to sleep and didnt turn on back.

The first time this issue happened it got resolved itself by hit and trials after two attempts and the pc was working good as usual. Some 5 days after that the monitor again went to sleep but this time it didnt turn on again.

It boots all proper. I can hear the Windows music and all and can shut it down without seeing the screen which means its working fine.

Things i have tried:
Read the similar threads on tomshardware including that stickypost for this issue.
Removed the graphics card, brushed the dust off put it.
Removed the battery and put it back,
Removed the hdd as well just to see if somehow the windows sleepmode thing had to do with this
Changed the dvi cable from graphics card to onboard and works fine.
Checked if any wire surface are in contact to the graphics card and moved them away.

Interesting thing was that the monitor display turns on when i plug in the monitor dvi cable to the onboard slot. It showed 7*** MB + 512 MB shared memory when it boots up ... even though the graphics card is a 1GB one. RAM 8GB. Initially the screen was all low resolution because it didnt recognize the graphics card but once i updated the drivers it worked properly. Can see the screen in fullHD now and can watch movies and all. Except that at times the pc works slow for programs like Photoshop and KMPlayer(surprisingly 10GB .mkv runs smoothly on fullview but 700mb .avi hangs the system)

So i tried plugging the dvi cable back to the graphics card and it still wont work.

This is the first time I am facing a situation where I cant troubleshoot it. Its still in warranty but want to use it for one more week atleast before i give it for warranty(got some work).... What might be the issue?? Please help me. Any suggestions ???

Thank you
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    Sounds like bad VRAM on your GPU as all works well on the iGPU. Get GPU replaced if it's on warranty...
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