GPU suddenly won't be detected in PCI-E x16, works in x4


All of a sudden, my gpu, gf8800gt, won't get detected in x16 slot. Motherboard I used was asus p5k-pro. It work perfectly in x4 slot, even allowing me to play video games and such. So i though it's the slot that's fault and i got a "new seconds hand" mobo - foxconn mars. But the same issues arises!
Anyone has a slighest idea what might be causing such a ridiculous issue?
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  1. Try updating the driver from the x4 slot and then putting it back in the x16 and see if it has the same issue. Otherwise, it could be the card malfunctioning.
  2. Hook back up to your integrated GPU and make sure your other GPU is out out of slot. Go into bios or device manger and disable your integrated GPU. Shut down put back your GPU and reboot. It should work.

    Then update your drivers before you trun off your rig. Let us know as to what happened. Good luck.
  3. I don't have integrated gpu.
  4. You will have to do everything from your x 4 slot. Get into your bios and set it so the first slot will work in that order. Good luck.
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