Metal backing on motherboard behind cpu socket&installing HSF with retention

I have an Asus P8B75-M/CSM motherboard. I'm trying to install a CM Hyper N520 cooler right now, which comes with a retention plate. I've only used push-pin coolers, and I'm confused by this type of installation.
Does the retention plate rest *on top of* (or close to) the metal plate that comes on the bottom of the mobo; or is a is a motherboard with a removable plate required to install a cooler of this type?
I hope this makes sense. I'm knowledgeable and experienced to a certain degree, but I was caught off guard by this, and I'm not sure if all motherboards have this metal plate on the back. This is the first computer I've built. It's been running well for a few months, however, my lack of experience with diverse hardware has left me puzzled.
Thanks for any help given.
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    From the looks of it in the manual (, the back plate will install on top of the socket lock plate. The coolers back plate should have a step in is so that it is not resting on the socket lock plate.
  2. I have an N520 or two… The backplate can be confusing. It sits on the underside of the motherboard. It’s turned one way for AM2/3 sockets, the other way for intel. The 520 uses screws and nuts, very old school. Make sure not to over-tighten, you could conceivably damage you motherboard.
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  4. Thank you everyone for being so kind.
    My whole system is in pieces, scattered all over the room and I'm excited to just put this thing on now. This is a great community, and I've been browsing these forums for several months now. Lots of smart and helpful minds here, so I look forward to participating in more discussions in the future.
  5. Happy building! :D
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