New builds need help

So I'm planning new builds, but I fail so hard. So need some advice. First thing first.

1. CPU + cooling. Planning to get 3570k oc it to 4.5ghz. For cooling I'm planning to get Hyper 212 Evo. As far as i understand this is best from cheap cooling solutions? Will my temps be alright or?

2. Mobo. I really dont know what mobo I need, since I will be oc'ing I understood decent mobo is needed. The only mobo that i done some research is asrock z77 extreme-4, link I seen some people talk about it on forums, and Virtu mvp thing looks cool, or is it just a gimmick? If someone would suggest better(in there oppinion) mobo up to same price as asrock z77 i would be grateful. Also will be using single video card.

3. Case. Well I'm clueless here to. I searched some cases, didn't really understood what im searching, but i found 1 which seems decent + low price. Thermaltake Commander MS-III. . My main priorities for case i don't even know. I need 2front usb's and front audio jacks. So again if someone can suggest better for same or lower price by all means do that.

Also as i understood i will need case fans about 3? Also do i need 3 or 4 pin? As i understood 4pin allows RPM control. Not really sure which to buy. I dont want expense again and with 3(1 already installed in case so in total 4) low rpm with 3 pins should be enough? Not sure again.

4. PSU. This is final question. I used , to calculate my final w and its 365 and recommended is 415 W. So i understand i will need about 550W PSU. Again i don't want anything expensive, but here I'm even more clueless.

So if anyone can help me i would be grateful. Sorry for my bad english. Thx
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  1. Also I maybe posted this on wrong forum, Sorry.
  2. You might hit 4.5GHz with that cooler, but maybe not. Not all CPUs are created equal and although I think that you'll probably get 4.4GHz or 4.5GHz, you might get a little lower or higher. Your motherboard choice is good.
  3. What's your budget?
  4. The case just needs to have what you want; enough 3.5" bays, enough 5.25" bays, suficient cooling, PSU placement where you want it, et cetera.

    Corsair has an affordable 600w PSU that could be a good idea. Are you going to have a graphics card? I don't see one listed. If not, the an 430w PSU should be more than enough. Heck, a 350w should be enough if you don't have a graphics card.

    What do you want to do with this computer and as aqualipt asked, what's your budget?
  5. about 700$. I'm not from Usa so hardware will be more expensive than Usa one. And i will also be getting rams which cost about 50$, im not getting video card, since i already have. So you should say my budget for all this items is 650$ without rams and maybe i can make it bigger if really needed.
  6. I will use it primarily on cpu intensive tasks.

    650$ budged is for these items:
    CPU + cooling
    Case + case fans
    PSU (550W)
  7. What video card do you have?

    i5-3570K and a Hyper 212+ should be a good CPU+HSF combo, especially for the money. Like I said, your motherboard choice with the Extreme 4 is also good. Your case would need to be an ATX case and there are plenty of cheap ATX cases at Newegg, among other places. Here is a decent case at a good price that you might like:
  8. If you want to spend more or a case, then you could go for something like this:

    You shouldn't need additional case fans. Ivy Bridge doesn't generate much hat despite getting hot and wouldn't benefit from it because of that and unless you're using a high-power graphics cards, it shouldn't necessitate more than the default fan configuration of both cases that I suggested. The case that you linked to should be fine without additional fans too. I wouldn't be surprised if additional fans made no noticeable difference in cooling at all. They might help the motherboard/storage and such, but that's probably it and even then, the default fans should still be fine.
  9. i have 260 gtx and im not planning to update it, because im not doing much gaming, except maybe some odd dota2 game with buddy. Also that Cooler Master Elite 430 looks good. And i noticed there is same model with already 500W installed in it for 35$ more. Would it be good choice or psu would be bad quality/to weak?
  10. Also how about Corsair Carbide 300R Compact? I would consider getting that even though its more expensive.
    Enermax OSTROG black looks good to.
  11. that Carbide case is very good as far as I'm aware. I don't know if I'd put that much money in the case (although I am known for being cheap), but that's me.

    I recommend that you don't buy Cooler Master for PSUs. Corsair, Antec, and Seasonic are much better. Heck, even OCZ and some others are better than Cooler Master for PSUs.
    Here's a $50 (with MIR) Corsair 500w PSU if you're interested:
  12. And how about Enermax OSTROG?

    Also what if i get something else instead of 212hyper?
    What i mean is abit more pricey, to get cpu more cool. What are the options?
  13. The Ostrog looks fine. I don't have it myself, so I can't comment much on it, but it looks like a solid case from the web site. I don't see it on Newegg to get a better look into some reviews from around me, so I can't relly say much about it besides that it looks fine on the manufacturer's website.

    The problem with that CPU is that going with better coolers won't make much of a difference until you hit self-made water cooling loops or better because it doesn't generate much heat, it simply can't get it's heat to the cooler fast enough. If the heat can't reach the cooler quickly enough, then using a better cooler will only help a little until you can drop the temperature of the paste enough. Something that is cooler generally transmits heat more efficiently, so it takes a pretty significant cooling improvement for IB to make much difference in cooling.

    Besides, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus or Evo should be able to get you to 4.5GHz, your target clock, quite safely anyway.

    If you really want better cooling, then you could build a water loop (none of that closed-loop crap), but that is outside of my experience and you'd want to look into the water cooling forum.

    Basically, you'd probably have to spend significantly more money to get a major benefit. When you can spend $20-40 for good enough, why spend $70-$110 or so for slightly better? I don't think that it is worth it, but that's me. You might think otherwise if you want to consider it.
  14. no, I complete agree with you.

    So now only thing that left for me is psu.

    Mobo : asrock zz77 extreme4

    CPU : 3570k + hyper 212 evo

    Case : Enermax Ostrog + 1 extra 120mm fan at front?(case only have 1 pre-installed at back, not sure if i really need to install extra at front)

    PSU : i picked few models that seems to have acceptable price for me. here is list.
    THERMALTAKE SMART PSU 530W 12CM 80+WHITE (or 630W model)
    Corsair CX600 V2 600W ATX, 80 PLUS, Builder Series, 12cm
    Xilence ATX 2.3, RedWing 580W, A-PFC, 120mm
    Xilence Supply ATX 2.3, Eco Series 550W, 80+, A-PFC, 120mm, TC, CE, ROHS

    And these are manufactures psu i never heard before, but at same price range.
    Aerocool ATX E80-700 700W 80 Plus
    Fortron FSP RAIDER 650W 85+ (80PLUS BRONZE)/ +12V Single Rail/ SATA Array Cable/ Silent 120mm FAN, Inaudible 19dBA at 50% Load/ Active PFC
  15. I'd go with the Corsair PSU out of those. They are easily one of the most reliable PSU brands and it should be well worth the money.
  16. If i would pick this corsair there seems to be some problems with bottom mount psu.

    "Designed specifically for top-mounting cases, cabling is quite difficult with bottom-mounts."

    So i would need to change the case if i pick that psu.
  17. The cables probably aren't very long.
    The problem with the other brands there is that I don't know how well they compare to Corsair, Antec, and Seasonic. Are Antec and Seasonic not options for some reason?
  18. ANTEC HCG PSU 520W 13.5CM ATX2.3 80+ CM
    ANTEC VP PSU 550W 12CM ATX12V2.3

    Seasonic is more expensive that others of same W by 20$+ here.
  19. The first one, the 520w, that one is probably your best buy.
  20. 520w will be enough?

    xtreme.outervision showed i need reccomended 415. With 80% of 520W i would get 416 so basically i will be running this psu on max?

    Or "Recommended PSU Wattage" means the minimum PSU that would work would be enought with 415?
    Anyway i complete dont understand that efficiency thing.
  21. The efficiency is related to how much electricity is wasted in the conversion of outlet electricity into usable voltages and amperage by the computer's components. The higher the efficiency, the less power that is wasted.

    What is recommended should be including that extra headroom. I could do some more or less exact math for you if you want me too, but you should be fine, especially with modern PSUs having a higher focus on positive 12v than other voltages. I have no doubt that the 520w Antec PSU is great unless you try SLI and/or severe overclocking.

    Also, that buffer/wattage headroom is to stop the PSU from running at max. A sub-400w PSU would probably be around maximum (depending on its 12v amperage rating), but the 520 shouldn't be anywhere near maximum. A 415w should be somewhat far from maximum, but the 520w should be ideal.
  22. I doubt that you need an extra case fan, but you could use one if you want to and the case has room for another.
  23. ok so its done I will get ANTEC HCG PSU 520W 13.5CM ATX2.3 80+ CM

    And how about that extra case fan ? do i need it or not?
  24. Ok so, il do this build, if i notice higher temps I will get additional case fan, if not i wont.
    Mobo : asrock zz77 extreme4
    CPU : 3570k + hyper 212 evo
    Case : Enermax Ostrog
    PSU : ANTEC HCG PSU 520W 13.5CM ATX2.3 80+ CM

    thank you very much.
  25. Glad to help.
  26. Some problems. Hyper 212 evo will only be avaible here on 2012.09.15. So that almost a month.
    So i google about abit and found few other at same price point

    THERMALRIGHT TR True Spirit 120mm
    Xigmatek Gaia SD1283
    Not sure which i should pick.

    Also i would be ok, with abit more prices but atleast abit better cooler than hyper 212 evo.
  27. I think that the Gaia is both a better cooler and cheaper, so I think that I'd get the Gaia over the True Spirit.
  28. How do you think they compare to hyper 212 evo, in alot of reviews i see these coolers having lower temps than it.
  29. I'm not sure. I wouldn't be surprised if the Gaia is a little better than the Evo (although maybe a little louder too), but I don't think that the True Spirit is better than an Evo. Honestly, they're all probably so close that they would probably win or lose to each other based on margins of error or only have small wins despite consistently winning.
  30. how good is thermal compound that comes with Gaia?
  31. I'd expect it to be good because Xigmatek has some of the best pastes in the market, but I'm not sure about it.
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