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I have tried the many solutions that I found via Google. Bridging, etc. But it doesn't seem to work. I think I need to describe my setup and maybe you guys can help me out.

- I have a wireless router (which is my main internet source).
- My PC is connected the network via a wireless dongle.
- That PC also have a network card.
- I have a regular 1-port wired router, and an 8-port switch.
- I have several other ethernet-only devices (can't connect to wireless)
- Both my PC and the other ethernet-only client device is located in a room.

My intention is to share the PC's wireless internet connection to the other devices by using the PC's network card. The other devices need to have an IP address (preferrably the same subnet as the original wireless connection).

I tried connecting the network card to the 8-port switch, which the other devices are then also connected to the switch. The PC network card I guess would then need to act as a router. As mentioned above, I do have another router, but I'm not sure how to utilize it in this case.

I have tried connecting the PC's network card directly to the other device, and bridging the PC's wireless connection to the wired connection, but it doesn't seem to work.

Please help. Let me know if you require more information.

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  1. What internet provider do you use ?? --- Are you sure the router does not have both wireless and wired connections ? (What type and model of router is it? - normally even a wireless router will have a few wired connections as well) -- in most cases a simple call to them will get you a new router that has both wireless and wired connections -- (figure they normally provide the equipment needed to use their service as part of your monthly fee ! - and will usually replace the wireless only or wired only with a model that has both if needed for free) - then you just use on of the wired ports on the router to connect your switch and connect the other systems to either the switch or one of the other wired ports on the router.
  2. Oops. I forgot to elaborate that the room is pretty far, which is why the PC is using wireless rather than wired. And I need to use the other devices in the same room. So, you can say that the intention is to make the PC as kind of a network repeater via ethernet.
  3. Yes, connect up your pc to the switch and run the internet connectio sharing wizard on your pc to bridge the connections.
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