How to install PCI network card in addition to one on motherboard

I would like to install a gigabit network adapter into a dell vostro which already has a built in one on the motherboard. When I install the PCI card the computer won't turn on. I run XP. How do I disable the built in adapter?
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  1. Enter BIOS/setup and disable it there. They should work together though.
  2. yes they usually work together but the fact that you can't even boot with the card installed has me wondering how sure are you that its a pci card and not a pcie card? putting the card into the wrong type slot would have this effect (or worse)
  3. The card is a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet PCI adapter( GA311). I installed it into the light colored PCI slot in the bottom of the motherboard. I disabled the onboard device in the BIOS. I also disabled the 1384 driver in the device manager. I tested to make sure I disabled as described. Still won't turn on after card is installed.
  4. Card or slot faulty since it looks like it is shorting something and stopping boot.
  5. This the second card I bought. 2 different brands. Also tried other slots and got the same results. Still puzzled.
  6. Has to be a pci version issue. The GA311 is indeed a pci card needing a pci 2.2 or higher pci slot.

    Exactly which Vostro model do you have?
  7. Vostro 410 purchased Sep 2008
  8. 2.2 came out in 1998 so that should be covered.
  9. reset cmos and try again.
  10. I called NETGEAR tech. They concluded that card will not work in my computer even though cards specs were met. I'm returning card.
    I purchased a Sabrent USB to Ethernet adapter. Hopefully this will work.
    Thanks for your help.
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