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I've got a terrible stutter that makes using my rig completely unbearable. The who computer hangs and sounds are distorted like a terrible dubstep remix. I've completely wiped my computer and reinstalled so it is not software related. All components have the latest drivers available. I have tried pulling hard drives, testing the ram, and even got replaced my graphics card under warranty. Which leaves only my CPU and the actual motherboard... (maybe the power supply, doubtful with a corsair 750 watt). All components were purchased last winter so are a year old at maximum, not including the new parts added in (tested not faulty). Heat has not played a factor in this computer's life to this point.

so my question is, how do I test whether its my assu sabertooth x58 mobo or my i7? I don't exactly have the resources at the moment to simply grab another i7 and plop it in to see if it works.... Or rather, which faulty part would be causing this epidemic? Occasionally the computer will struggle to start, restarting several times while keeping the "CPU_LED" lit. All of these parts worked fine out of the box, and symptoms only started several months ago. Thanks for any help in advance, I've spent much time testing on my own and doing research on the web so now I open my case up to you (pun intended).
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  1. unless you'vebeen overclocking I tend to think it'd be the motherbd before the cpu. Plus CPU's don't tend to 'fix' themselves and then suddenly work so I bet your board is having cpu voltage regulation issues
  2. that's what i've been beginning to suspect. Although the problem hasn't "fixed itself" but rather deteriorated. It started fine but has gotten worse with time. Thanks for your input.

    Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? All of my other buddies with homemade rigs are also puzzled too and we've been searching for an answer before going through the long RMA process...
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