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hi i am planning to buy a new prebuilt p.c soon and was looking at these two. I will mostly use it for gaming and want to be able to play games on high at a good fps so i am not sure which one is a better deal since i am new to this. if you have any other suggestions for other P.C's that would be a better deal than just tell me in the reply's


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  1. no one knows?
  2. Not sure about the power supply, I would go for the 620w instead. I'm not an expert though, so you should probably wait for one of them to respond.
  3. In gaming the Vesta FX 3050 CE will perform better in gaming, if only because of the GPU.

    As for whether it will hit high settings depends on what games you want to play, BF3 I doubt you will get high settings at a decent FPS, but non-intensive or older games should be fine.

    The PSU is sufficient for the build, it wont give you much upgrade path in terms of Crossfire/SLI, but it will power the rig as it stands.
  4. ok thanks
  5. ok but in terms of the processor which one would be better for gaming the i3 2100 or the fx 4100
  6. http://pc.ncix.com/ncixpc_new/ncixpc.cfm?uuid=4BAC1542-9246-4968-A6EAC225186CD4EE-4391672

    This is another option that they have but the question with this one is if the MB is good enough and has enough options so that it could be upgraded in the future
  7. The i3 should be better for gaming than the FX-4100. The Bulldozer architecture is optimized for multi-threaded performance, which the 4100 cant deliver on only being a quad core.

    But saying that, they will game similarly given that they will both be using the same GPU. The GPU in gaming situations is always the bottleneck (if it isnt the game itself).

    Its a Micro-ATX motherboard, so crossifre/SLI is out of the question, and you wont be able to overclock it (or use Ivy Bridge CPU's without some BIOS updates. So expandability wise isnt very good, but thats a common disadvantage to pre builts.

    If your are investing this much money (~$1000 from what I can tell), you will be better off building your own machine.
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