What is a good prebuilt gaming computer?


I am new to the world of gaming pc's. I was told that building your own with parts is cheaper and better, but my dad wont let me because he lacks the confidence that I will be able to put it together. So, now I need to know what a good pre-built one would be. My price limit is 1500. If you dont know an exact one then refer me to a website that has a good selection.

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  1. Check the prebuilt sections at sites like NCIX, Newegg, etc... Most will have a good selection of PCs and you get exactly what you see. A lot also have a custom part picker where you pick out what you want and can either have it shipped in pieces or preassembled for a small fee.

    If you want something that's whiteboxed (unbranded) check out Cyperpower, their prices are pretty good.

    If you would prefer something that's branded with a solid OEM warranty check out Dell (also Alienware, which is Dell's gaming lineup) and Asus (Republic of Gamers). There's also Lenovo but they're more business oriented.

    Avoid HP/Acer like the plague
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