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Ok. Here's the story. I have a Dell Optiplex 380. Two years ago, I bought a Radeon 5570 and it was a simple and easy install. Plugged it in and everything ran beautifully. Now, I wanted more GPU power so I went and bought a 750W Corsair PSU and a Radeon 6870. I've installed the PSU first, and the PC runs normally. I then tried to install the Radeon 6870.

When I plugged it in, and then tried to restart, the power light blinked orange (it is normally green). I then tried to isolate the problem. I unplugged the 6870, and then turned on the PC (it has an onboard chip), and it was fine. I plugged back in my Radeon 5570 and again, it works fine. When I plug in my 6870 again however, the light blinks orange. I've made sure it's securely tight in the slot, I've switched out the 6 pin connectors (my PSU has 4, I tried all combinations), and I've let it sit for about 5 minutes with the blinking lights.

Please help, I have absolutely no idea what to do now.
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  1. Try disabling the on board graphics in BIOS?
  2. But how can I do that if the PC can't even start?
  3. Good Point. Try booting without, and looking at your settings. See if the ability to use alternate graphics is disabled, or if the slot is disabled.

    Also, try switching slots in which you are placing your card.

    Is it possible for you to try your card in another computer?
  4. Ok, I just did that. I plugged back in my 5570. Restarted, went into bios at the Dell loading screen, switched the Display from "Automatic" to "Onboard/PEG".

    There is only one PCIE 2.0 Slot on my motherboard.

    And no, unfortunately, I can't try my card in another PC. =\
  5. And what are the results when trying with your 6870?

    I think it comes down to you having a PSU issue
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