Ultra 66 - Boot fine with 1 drive, error with 2

Here's my problem. My computer will primarily be Win 2000 Professional. I have two drives (Maxtor 43 GB and Maxtor 28 GB, both Ultra 100 7200 rpm) that will be NTFS and will both be masters on the onboard Ultra100 controller on my Asus a7a266 mb. The two slaves will be a DVD player and a CDRW.

The third drive is a WD 6 GB Ultra 66 or 100. I can't remember. But it will be limited to 66 performance because I'm running it on a Promise Ultra 66 Controller card (Bios recently flashed.) I've just installed WinME on this drive. I need this drive for legacy hardware and software.

My problem: When the WinME drive is the only one powered in the system, it boots fine from the promise controller. When I attached one NTFS drive I get an error message "Error loading operating system"

I've gone into my BIOS and in the BOOT section, arranged the sequence to be floppy, cd-rom, INT-Network, then IDE. I suspect that what's happening is that the BIOS checks the onboard controllers before the Ultra66 controller. Before I deleted the partition on the NTFS drive, it would boot directly into Win 2000, bypassing the Dual Boot option entirely, even though I installed Win ME first, and then Win2000. I've moved all of the data off of the Win 2000 operating system drive, and deleted the partition, thinking there may be little turds left over from the previous configuration, which had two partitions; win98se and win2000, and it all worked fine. Just as an aside, In reading through the forum I too have noticed these little 8MB partitions, which are listed as FAT 12, which I believe are Floppy FAT style. While I'm waiting for some feedback on the question I've presented here, I'll work on eliminating those 8MB partitions.

You've already figured out that this will be a dual-boot system. I'd like WinME to be C:, then D: and E: would be the NTFS Win 2000 drives, and F: and G: the cd and dvd.

So to summarize, how can I get the dual boot to start with WinME off of the Ultra66 controller and the Win2000 which would be the master on channel 1 off of the motherboard controller?

Thanks for your help. This is driving me nuts, not to mention eating up a few days of loading operating systems, deleting them, partitioning, etc. Running through a systematic method of trying different things, (none of which work - other than putting WinME and Win2000 on the same physical drive on channel 1 on the onboard controller.)
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  1. the ata66 drive that you're running off the controller should be shown as scsi in bios. i think the sequence just isn't set right somehow. cause you're boot info will be c:\boot.ini and if winme is you're c drive then it's going to detect it. did you just now install both of these OS's?

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  2. Yeah, they're both newly installed. I had Win98 SE and Win 2000 Pro on the same drive. Now, I want to add the drive attached to the controller, and have it be the Win ME drive. I'll look into the SCSI issue.

    Thanks for the tip. Anybody else have wisdom to share?
  3. sorry i didn't ask this before, but did you go and install the drivers for the controller under win2000?

    CPUs are like testicles, every computer should have 2!
  4. That did it. The Bios Boot sequence change from Net-Int to SCSI Device, before the BIOS gets to the IDE Hard drive fixed it all up.

    BTW, partitioning with Partition Magic allows you to rid yourself of those 8MB Fat 12 partitions that sometimes show up on drives. Couldn't get rid of it with Fdisk.

    Here's a question for you. On the newly partitioned and NTFS formatted HD, with a new install of Win 2000 and no other drivers or programs, the Windows explorer shows a total of 589 MB of used space but the properties box for that drive shows 1.28 GB used. The only folders are Documents & Settings, Program Files, and WinNT. What's up with that?
  5. hmm, i don't use fdisk. i usually boot up from the cd, create my primary partition, format ntfs. then once in w2k i create/format any other partitions. do you mean my computer or windows explorer?

    CPUs are like testicles, every computer should have 2!
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