This is making me really angry please HELP !

Hello i will start off with my build.

CPU: AMD phenom ii X4

PSU: G7 Extreme power 780w

HDD: Caviar Blue 500gb sata

MotherBoard: Asus Sabretooth 990fx

GraphicsCard: Asus Gtx 560ti 1gb GDDR5

OperatingSystem: Windows 8 ( so far has caused nothing but problems )

RAM: Corsair 2x4gb vengence

Heatsink : Akasa X4 heatsink

Well anyway the problem is the whole time in the task manager my cpu usage is really hi and when i enter a game like Farcry 3 it GOES UP TO 99% when i start the system up sometimes the disc is at 99% as well this is really annoying me as i cant play games i had to get my psu replaced the last day aswell as it burned out (this is befor i relised in the task manager it was giving me these stupidly hi usages ) well anyway it is really annoying and any help would be much apreciated
Thank You .
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  1. Far Cry 3 Is Quite CPU Intensive, What Settings Are You Trying To Run In?
  2. sounds suspiciously like virus activity.
  3. seems like a virus activity for me. reboot to safe mode > open task manager > click the CPU % column and see if there is an unusual process thats causing the high usage.
  4. I think you should reformat your computer. Maybe you have downloaded a buggy windows 8 OS.
  5. You're doing too much on that rig if you're playing above medium settings.
  6. What does it show in taskmanager is hogging the CPU?
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