Can I get the 7850 to match the gtx570?

Hi all,

I am pretty sure that the gtx570 outperforms the 7850 by a little in most benchmarks.

I want the 7850 though since its a better price. If I overclock the 7850 can I get to match the performance of the gtx 570?
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  1. according to this link they are very close in performance, the 570 squeeking ahead in some games.....

    the gap is not too big I would imagine you could def overclock the 7850 to the stock 570 guarantee but def possible
  2. EASY! When clocked at 1 GHz+ it can match the performance of the GTX 580. That is why it is one of the best bang for your buck cards out there. Or you could just get the 7850 GHz edition.
  3. can i just get the regular edition, overclock it, and have the same thing as the ghz edition?
  4. It's not better price here you go bud GPU: $249.99 -MSI Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 570
  5. im getting the viewtek one. its a better price and has 5 stars.
  6. kingneptune117 said:
    im getting the viewtek one. its a better price and has 5 stars.

    i hope you're not going my the buyers' reviews, they are idiots. if it works at doing a simple thing like show the desktop they give it 5 stars. if they use the wrong driver and have problems, they blame the card . . :heink:
  7. yea some buyer reviewers are terrible lol and bigcyco1 they are different prices the 570 you linked is $258 shipped from newegg and here is a 7850 $220 shipped from newegg...

    OP I would get the regular edition and then overclock it yourself it will save you a little bit of money and its not hard at all.
  8. You have to remember that overclocking increases heat, so you may want to consider getting a non-reference design graphics card such as MSI TwinFrozr, ASUS DC II, or Gigabyte's 2 fan design. Otherwise, if you have sufficient airflow and cool air into the case, then a reference (1 fan design) works.
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