Can you repair damaged graphics card slot on motherboard

i just had a computer delivered and it received a bit of rough treatment and i found the graohics card banging round the case when i unpacked it. graphic card slot has taken a bit of damage and wont start up with graphic card plugged in at all. Can you get replacement slots and repair this without damage to the motherboard or am i up for a new board.
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  1. Nope, I'd suggest a repair or replacement of the board, assuming you still have warranty.
  2. computer still starts up without card in. No warranty only insurance through freight company. Board is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Ultra Durable 3, how would you go about repairing
  3. Technically, I don't do repairs. I actually meant to send it in for a repair.
  4. If you have exhausted all your options except for replacing the board you can if you are skilled and have an extra donor board that has a pci-e slot you can try to replace the slot but will have to unsolder both slots. It is not easy and is a little time consuming but very possible with a solder pump to remove the solder from the pins on the donor board making it easy to remove the slot without harm to any of the pins. Same for the board that needs repair.
  5. I wouldn't attempt a repair from that kind of damage as other things you don't notice may be damaged. Also if the graphics card was loose it may be damaged as well. You did not give much info as to why it was shipped(just purchased, moving etc) but I would RMA, call in the insurance, etc. You could have multiple parts damaged why risk more damage.
  6. I have not been able to find the exact board to swap over with so have gone for an updated one. Hopefully that should solve all the problems. Let you's know how it goes.
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