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Will a AMD A10-5800K APU crossfire or w/e with a radeon amd 6850 graphics card and if so what type of settings would i get in most current games. GW2 planetside 2 far cry 3 etc. I play at 1600x900 res. Its a toss up between a FX-6300 build or A10 5800k. Just wondering what works better.
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  1. No it won't crossfire. Even if you could, the A10 built in graphics would just slow down the 6850. It's really only able to be crossfired with slow cards like a 6570.

    fx-6300 is a better chip (basically same core speed but 6 cores instead of 4) if you intend to run a discrete graphics card.

    Do you already have the 6850 graphics card? It's a decent card, but not one I'd buy new today.
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    I wouldn't recommend any AMD CPU right now because the i3 3220 performs better in almost every game than any AMD CPU.

    70 vs 69fps is not better performance, its rounding error! And all that shows is that Far Cry doesn't multithread. One game benchmark doesn't crown a winner.

    fx-6300 will perform like an i3 for gaming, and near an i5 for some highly threaded tasks, like video encoding. It's a good balance for the money.
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  4. Fx-6300 it is then. I am not a big fan of intel And my Q6600 system is dieing due to failing motherboard its time to get something more this generation.
  5. Great choice. AMD FX 6300 does beat any i3 that Intel has to offer! Not in single-threaded apps though, but those are ancient anyway and you won't meet em'!

    Just look at these charts even though you already have decided :)
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