Please Help! Changed Computer Case and Wont Turn On!

So here's the story. For Christmas i got a new atx case. I disassembled my old computer and re-assembled it into the new case. Then i plugged it into my monitor and it does'nt turn on! after fiddling with the power supply switch and the power switch i got it on, then comes the next problem. Once i got the computer turned on a bios looking thing shows up that requires f1 to continue as when earlier messing with my computer shows up. And when pressing f1 does'nt continue (i have plugged it into every usb port) :| . And here i am now stuck without a computer not knowing what to do. Any idea what might be the problem? If i cant fix the problem myself i would probably have to spend upwards of 100 dollars on compusa's rediculous tech services.
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  1. Do you have a old motherboard ? Maybe it has some problems with usb's so you should try with a PS/2 keyboard. If it's not working, disassemble your computer and try it with no case. Look inside your case for metal things making contacts (standoffs, etc.) If it's working out of the case, it may be some metal piece making it not to work.

    - The Brownie
  2. Tried using a Ps/2 keyboard and still didnt work. I looked around it everywhere and there's nothing there and i dont want to take the risk of disassembling it again. Anything else i could do?
  3. unplug the most hardware you caqn from the motherboard and try again ... try reseatting the ram, look at all the connectors...

    - The Brownie
  4. Apart from 'Press F1 to continue' what else does it say?
  5. Just took it to CompUSA ,was only 60 bucks hopefully not much more
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