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Hey does anyone know here of a good AMD processor for my motherboard? I have 105 dollars to spend on a processor.

Motherboard: Asrock N68gs-FX

95watt power
am3+ ready
600 watt power supply

im just so confused over what to buy a fx-4100 or a phenom II 945(if I could find one) or is their another cpu I don't know about?

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  1. AMD phenom II X4 965 BE at for $100.
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    Your board only supports up to 95w processors so a 965 is out of the question.
    For a phenom II x4 the best is a 945 or a 960T
    P2 x6 would be a 1065T
    FX series = 4100, 4150, 6120, 6300, 8100, 8120, 8140, 8300

    I would throw in another $20 and get the fx6300
  3. Would you say a phenom ii 945 is better than a fx 4100?
  4. oh yes.
  5. The 945 and 4100 are about the same speed at stock.
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