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Hi guys. So I was on my desktop earlier today and all of a sudden it shut off. There was a bad storm and I think that may have caused it. It was plugged into a surge protector though, so i have no idea. Everything else that was plugged into the surge is working just fine. There is a light on inside the cpu, mobo light maybe? But when i push the power button, absolutely nothing happens. Is there anything I can do to fix it without getting too too technical? I'm a girl but I do know how to do a few things :-)
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  1. well, first thing to try:
    power off the power supply and unplug it.

    first test is the sniff test, smell around the psu, if its been fried, there will usually be a distinct odor of burned plastic and circuitry. if you have this, your PSU and possibly other parts are fried.

    assuming you don't have that smell, press the computer power on button for 10 seconds. Plug it back in, turn on the psu, then try to start the computer. if it turns on, great, you're good.

    if it still doesn't turn on, some parts are probably damaged
  2. also try clearing the cmos jumper..sometime on thses newer mb if the power drops or spikes the mb/power supply shuts off to save the pc. if it a power supply failure you may see inside the case a fan turn on or twitch. if it was a heat issue check to see inside that nothing is dust bound and that the cpu heat sink is on and moving. (newer mb if the temp get to hot they will shut down to save the system.). most times a good blowing with canned air or compressor fixes the dust issues. mb have a bios post built into see if your mb posting take out the video card and ram. and then power should get a string of beeps if your mb is posting. no post...then your down to mb and or power supply.
  3. I can't smell anything, everything smells normal to me. I unplugged everything and held the power button for 10 seconds, still nothing.

    Smorizio- i appreciate your reply, even though I don't know of half the things you're talking about lol I can't take anything out because I'm not very tech savy and I'd hate to risk damaging even more.
  4. its not that hard to take apart and put back together.

    take the side cover off and try to power it back on again: do the fans move? do you hear the hard drive spin up?
  5. also one thing to check..the wall outlet and the power strip. the outlet could be dead..(tripped breaker) or the power strip could be dead. try using a small lamp and see if both work. or try and plug the pc into another outlet. if your scared of touching your pc then look in the yellow pages or if it a pre built call there tech line and see if there any local shop that are certified to replace parts in your pre built. most times with pre builts you have to ship them in under warranty unless you have the home coverage. or pay a local shop to put in a new part and hope the vendor will reimburse you. if it not a pre built you be looking at diag chage for someone to look at your pc then the cost of the replacement part if the tech worth his salt. i would see if one of your firends knows how to replace a power supply. i would start with that part or ask a friend if they have a spare.
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