I need some help with my PSU! :)

So first off my system:

CPU: i5 3570k
GPU: Msi 660ti
RAM: 2x4gb Patriot Ram @1600mhz
PSU: Corsair CX 500 Watt 80 Plus

So everyone is telling me the psu is too small for the overclocking I am doing, but here's the kicker. When ever I run a PSU calculator test my system always is at like 380 watts. I have my cpu overclock with volts in and still all test are like 380 watts.

Link: (I ran others, but this is my favorite) [...] orlite.jsp

Here is the settings I use: (down the settings in order)
1 physical CPU
Regular - Desktop Mobo

LGA 1155
Intel core i5 3570k
100% TDP (I set every power setting to 100% just to get full maxes)
Overclock settings:

2 Sticks of DDR3

1xGTX 660ti



No Drives (No DVD, blu-Ray, CD, Tape, Floppy; nothing)

No PCI Cards

No Usbs

No Firewire

No Fan Controller, or Front Bay

No Cold Cathodes (I dont even know what that is lol)

2x120mm Regular
2x120mm LED

No Water Cooling or Kits (I have a Hyper 212 Evo+; only uses the fans)

System Load: 100%

Capacitor Aging: 10% (new psu, but will be keeping it long)

The 12v rail on my PSU puts out 453 watts, which means I have about 50 watts of power left (Keep in mind its not the full 500 watts; 80 plus though)

Is 50 watts enough to overclock my 660ti a little? And how much do you think I could?

Also Core Temp shows my cpu using 60 watts @100% load @4.6ghz but the psu calculator says 113 watts??
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    The maximum power of the 660 ti is 150w(nvidia site), the cx 500w will do for it even oc+ rest of components, though, there're better psus, it will do, it will not reach 400w max load, your system, that's with the cpu and 660 ti oc, etc.
  2. You should be fine.
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  4. Thanks Guys!
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