Help picking CPU/MOBO please?

So My current build is pretty old and is as follows:

inteldual core 2.6 Ghz CPU

Some motherboard that is extremely outdated(i know for a fact that no current CPU can go into it)


6GB DDr2

500W PSU.

I want to slowly start upgrading everything except my GPU. I want to start with my CPU/MOBO as it will be the most exspensive. the only problem is that im on a budget and what i post later is about all i can afford. i want to know which of the CPU's would be better to get and if this MOBO is okay. Im worried the MOBO might not be okay because it is so cheap? So heres my options:

I mainly play games such as farcry 3, BF3, Skyrim. I want a pretty good computer to run these games smoothly. And now for my second question. Which part should i upgrade next, my PSU or my RAM?
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  1. What is your power supply make and model number? Same for the ram.
  2. Yes, That Mobo Will Be Ok, And Will Work With That 3570k, And After That I Reccomend Getting Better RAM As It Will Be Essential As Your Current RAM Won't Work With That Motherboard :)
  3. Question: Doesnt it not matter what the RAM is because i would have to get new RAM regardless becasue all new motherboards mainly support only DDr3 and i have DDR2.

    the PSU is : APEVIA Java Power 500w
    2x Floppy
    1x ATX12V 4 Pin
    6x4pin Peripheral
    1xPCI express
    1x20/24pin main power

    Not very savvy on PCU specs but thats it i hope haha.
  4. These brands of ddr3 desktop 240 pin cl9 ram will work; I recommend 1.5v 9-9-9-24 for the timings. Corsair, crucial, kingston, samsung, pny, patriot, and gskill are usually good brands. Do not try installing ddr2 in a ddr3 motherboard; you'll ruin the ram slot.
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