Strange clock issue! Need help now!

I just installed a new motherboard and for some reason on low load it goes to 4.2GHz but to 1.4GHz on full load. I overclocked it as you see but it's strange. I have a AMD FX 8120. Any reason this is happening?

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  1. If it's doing it for like 1 second you don't have to worry it's just a little missunderstanding in the readings of the sensors... If you want your CPU always at the max multiplier you should look at the options in the bios and disable something like frequency drop or something like that.

    - The Brownie
  2. It's doing it all the time.
  3. All the time like it never gets to 4.2 ? It always stay at 1.4 ? Try putting a hard load on it (Prime95) and look if there's a difference. If it dosen't change, go in your Bios and look for something to deactivate the multiplier drop (when the computer is on idle state, the multiplier drops at 14 for amd and 16 for intel)

    - The Brownie
  4. No, it's like idle makes it go to 4.2GHz and full load makes it go to 1.4GHz. I changed some settings in the BIOS but it's not completely stuck at 4.2GHz.
  5. Ok .... That's very weird ... Do you have a spare motherboard ? The motherboard is the only thing i can suspect doing that. If you can't try another one get it back to the store and get a new one. If it persists, get a new processor.

    - The Brownie
  6. It's not that easy because I had to order it and I don't feel like having to undo everything again. I don't think the motherboard is defective but the BIOS is giant so I'll keep looking through it. Any suggestions are helpful.
  7. ... Don't discourage yourself ahah. Look at evrey option in the Bios and you will find it someday ...

    - The Brownie
  8. The BIOS is a bit bigger then it should be :).
  9. Yeah there's too much things in there ... too much new technology and echo friendly stuff ... it makes it shitty

    - The Brownie
  10. I'm trying all I can in the BIOS but it's to big and confusing. It has all the "power savings" settings which are making me mad. The only settings like that I want are the lowering clock ones. It's trying to convince me I need to disable some cores and lower my clock. If I wanted to not slowly kill the planted and destroy all life as we know it I wouldn't have gotten AMD in the first place.

    Yeah, I also like things that use more power then they need to which is one of the many advantages of the 7970 :).
  11. Try disabling all those power efficient stuff ... it may help you

    - THe Brownie

    Edit : - The Brownie
  12. reset the cmos back to stock and test. If it works fine then you messed up the overclock settings.
  13. I did.
    You did "- THe Brownie" not "- The Brownie"!
  14. melikepie said:
    I did.
    You did "- THe Brownie" not "- The Brownie"!

    Ohhhshit the police is going to come for me and they will eat me !!!! Nope.

    - The Brownie
  15. popatim said:
    reset the cmos back to stock and test. If it works fine then you messed up the overclock settings.

    I did that and it works now, although at stock clock. I might just turn off turbo core and then overclock a little bit.
  16. Yeah maybe or just forget overclocking for now if it keeps happening, your board isn't a beast maybe.

    - The Brownie
  17. Maybe I want to overclock considering I'm getting water cooling in a few days :pfff:.
  18. melikepie said:
    Maybe I want to overclock considering I'm getting water cooling in a few days :pfff:.

    Real water cooling or a closed loop ?

    If you are buying a closed loop, better getting a Noctu NH-D14 :P

    - The Brownie
  19. XSPC Raystorm 750 RS 240
  20. Nice :P
  21. Umm, what do you mean by "Nice :P"?
    Your kinda scaring me.
    What settings was the the ones that change the clock based on the load? Also my "Minimum Processor State" and my "Maximum Processor State" options in windows 7 are gone now :o.
  22. Well, by saying nice i was saying that the watercooling kit you are gonna buy is nice lol i'm not a pedo ahah

    There's no settings for the frequency based on. But, there's a setting that you can disable which put your multiplier to 16 (or less) if the system is idle.

    I guess we don't really need the windows 7 options since it's all in the bios :P

    - The Brownie
  23. I have this motherboard, any ideas? I need help :'(.
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