HD7750 Problem Help Please

I recently bought two 7750 sapphire graphics cards(cross fired) and when i play games i get a display error and it freezes and reloads, help please
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  1. Edit, from seeing the 7750, it doesn't use a crossfire bridge But it's quite possible to crossfire.

    Also, you should update both cards with the new 12.6 drivers from AMD (not BETA)
  2. doesn't need uses motherboard, and is up to date as of today this morning.
  3. So, disable crossfire?
  4. You sure both cards have the same driver?

    Check with GPU-Z

    Download, install. Make sure crossfire is enabled. Open GPU-Z. Then in GPU-Z look at the Driver Version. You can look at card number two by going to the bottom of the GPU-Z program and clicking on the little black arrow.
  5. Yes says |ATI Crossfire| - "Enabled (2 GPUs), UPLS active" and check both cards

    Side note *could it be because windows is not up to date all the way?*
  6. Not too sure, you may want to update windows though.

    Also, if possible update your motherboard BIOS and/or chipset driver, if any.
  7. I updated my bios and chipset driver :) today as well but im going to wait for windows to finish all the way and get back and find out
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