Please check my build

I am doing my first build and have done a lot of searching around to get the parts that seem the best. tell me if you think there are any problems with this set up.

i7 3770k
8gb corsair vengeance
samsung 830
Corsair TX750
samsung spinpoint 1TB

here are where my real questions lie.

Cooler master Storm Enforcer - seems to have good cable management and like the style but I worry about SLIing my video cards but it does seem to be the cheapest case to offer USB 3.0

GTX 660TI I like this one because it's new and in my price range. I really just want what will be capable of playing most games on their highest settings. I will buy the Display based on the gpu. I am however worried it wont SLI (because of size) if i'd like to do so down the road.

Asrock Extreme4 or maybe Asus Maximus V - I really am at a loss on this one. I want plenty of usb in the back, easier overclock, usb 3.0 up front, and can SLI thicker gpu.

thanks for any and all input guys.
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  1. Drop the i7 and go with the i5 3570k
    Go with the Extreme 4 Asrock
    The Storm Enforcer will be fine
    Now with the extra money you have go with the GTX 670 instead of the 660ti.
  2. thanks but my only concern is that I'd like to keep the i7 for other tasks. Do you think that I could visually make out a huge difference between the 660 and 670? and would the asrock be able to hold them both in there?
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