HD6950 overkill for my cpu?

Hi, all I currently have A6-3620 cpu @2.2Ghz with turbo boost to 2.4Ghz.

I was planning on getting either Radeon HD6850 or HD6950.

I was wondering if my cpu will bottleneck HD6950 heavily.

Currently I play on 720p but will upgrade to higher resolution later in the year, and I plan to max out the graphic settings on many of the games.

Any suggestions?
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    I would say that the HD6850 is more suited to your PC, the A6-3620 has the cores (4) but the clock speed is pretty low, you may be able to overclock it slightly but APU's aren't really designed for overclocking.
    You may get better FPS out of the HD6950 but I think your CPU will bottleneck it in most modern games.
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