Multi-touch Display for Desktop - $200-$500 Web Development/Drawing

I'm looking for recommendations on a multi-touch display for a yet to be built PC. For reference, I love the monitor with the Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 series for its response time and general aesthetics. I would like to find a similar monitor that I can use with a desktop.

PC use (most to least important): Web development (accurate colors are very important), use as a drawing tablet, digital art, gaming, movies/streaming

Desired size: 23"+, Ideally 27"

Price range: $200-$500 (not sure what's reasonable to budget for this)

Other Considerations: Aesthetics are important (I find the monitor with the Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 appealing)

Side note, I've been visiting Tom's Hardware since the late 90s, and this is my first post :P I definitely appreciate all of the work the community puts into it.
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    With Windows 8 almost released, we should see a whole slew of new multi-touch monitors, but not yet. My recommendation this year has been the Acer T231H - I have two of them reviewed them at

    They are a tad hard to find but they are still available. Unless you are in a desperate hurry, wait until October. Cheers, Stephen
  2. First I recommend sdpate's review of the Acer. I have the Iiyama and they basically work all the same. BUT concerning your wish to use it as a drawing tablet and for digital art: non of them are pressure sensitive! Keep in mind, they don't work like a Wacom.
  3. Thanks for the follow-up. I will take a look into the Windows 8 touch features and definitely consider waiting until October.

    Also, thanks for pointing out the lack of pressure sensitivity. I have a wacom tablet now and it hadn't occurred to me that a multi-touch monitor would not be pressure sensitive.
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