Is it possible for 2 people to play games at the same time using Virtual Machine

Is it possible for 2 people to play games at the same time using Virtual Machine. Ive never done anything with vm's b4 but just wondering because i know you can split assign a certain ammount of ram and processing cores if im not mistaken? how about GPU power?
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  1. No. How would you both access the same keyboard and monitor at the same time? Even if you could, it would be slow since all resources will be divided between OS's.
  2. Sorry i meant with 2 monitors , keyboards and mice. Also the computer running it would have fairly high specs. (2600k @ 4.7, gtx570 oced, 16gb ram )
  3. How would the video card be shared for gaming? That's an aweful lot of pixels to push out. I can't see this being done, especially since most VM's don't support directx.
  4. ah ok i didnt know that, yeh I didnt think the gpu power would be easy to split even if vm's did support directx. thanks
  5. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  6. I don't beleive this is completely impossible, just not easy, you'd need two video cards non sli/crossfire to run each monitor, vm for each video card, one would have to use a controller or something to avoid keyboard mouse conflict. I'm pretty sure it's possible, i'll be trying this and updating.
    EDIT: Then again you wouldn't need to run a vm to do this if you have to non sli/crossfire cards two monitors and a controller for one user. So nevermind i won't need to test, I know you can run multiple clients of MMO games across different video cards, so this is possible without needing to use a vm.
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