Intense graphical issues.

I have a gigabyte 460 gtx graphics card. Sometime last year it ran into some trouble with immense graphical distortion. Such as texture stretching, black screens, display driver crashes, random colors, pixel distortion. At the time I also wasn't able to complete a display driver update. Everytime the screen went black during the install it would never recover. I have since fixed it and it's been working great for about a year now. Just got done playing max payne 3 at max graphics like two weeks ago.

Now heres where the problems started again. I was playing spore and I didn't have evga precision on to control my fans speed. It by default only spins at 40% power. i usually like to run it at 60%. It didn't get very hot though. something like 80degrees. However the game started having the texture distortions. I thought it was just something with old games that was messing up. As I afterwards played red orchestra 2 just fine for many hours. Now today I load up every game and all of them have those types of errors even when i'm able to keep my card cool. i tried a few different driver updates but, i'm not sure which one is the best to use. After finally BSODing I'd like to have other peoples opinions.

Is the card heat damaged or is it just another display driver issue? Thoughts on how to fix it? I was almost ready to return it a year ago but its worked great for another year and i almost wasted money buying a new one. It's played a highly modded skyrim. Metro 2033 at max settings. BF3 with no lag.
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  1. Which motherboard do you use? give me detailed system specs, and also tell me if u do overclock your system..
  2. have you tried a different power supply if you dont have a good one i would blame that first
  3. Specs:
    Gigabyte p55A-UD3 mobo
    i5 2.67GHz (4cores)
    4gb 1600 corsair sticks
    psu antec 650w (which should be plenty.)

    I don't really think my psu is having any issues.
    I don't overclock anything. not even my processor. Though it may be worth mentioning that the 460gtx by gigabyte always hosted a bit more specs then other variant models. so it could have been factory oc'd

    Note: I'm off to bed for now. I hope for some good news and I'll respond to any replies later in the day. Thanks for your time.
  4. Well It's still the same this morning. No issues on videos movies or my desktop. As soon as i start a game up. It will get about 46Celsius and then i'll start seeing fragments again.
  5. So I used Event Viewer to identify my BSOD errors. I had 7e and A. 7e suggested registry damage. I used ccleaners registry cleaner about 4 times in a row. Cleaned tons of registry errors. Then I did yet another full driver uninstall and safe mode driver sweeper and then reinstalled them fresh. So far problem has been corrected for awhile. Hope this helps other people.

    Keep in mind its temporary solutions to a overall damaged and destroyed card that will need to be replaced eventually.
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