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If I buy a gtx 570 and run two monitors off of it, will I be able to use Intel's WIDI technology to mirror one of the monitors onto my HDTV ? If i buy the adapter and am using an i7 3770k processor ? I would truly appreciate anyone who could help me out on this one ! I don't know much about WIDI and have done research but cannot find out if WIDI is in the CPU or Motherboard or what exactly ... I am a pretty big noob.

Thanks ! :)
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  1. From what I've researched it requires Intel HD graphics to use WiDi. Quite literally the Processor graphics render a second virtual display, which is broadcast via WiFi . I think you'd be fine if the LucidLogix Virtu software is installed and configured properly, but I haven't had the chance to play around with WiDi yet so there's always the possibility that it just won't work.

    Also, why not buy an AMD 7850? Same price and the same performance with significantly lower power consumption. (Gigabyte 7850 overclocked to 975 vs. 860 standard for $260: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125419 )
  2. Thanks for your reply :) My thinking with the GPU was that the gtx 570 has the Intel CUDA cores and since I am using almost all the adobe products and they all can be accelerated with those CUDA cores. If my processor is an i7 3770k it has the integrated intel 4000 graphics so I think it should work out ...

    Thank you !
  3. No problem. I understand the use for CUDA but this far into 2012 a lot of things are starting to be accelerated with OpenCL, like adobe products; so any AMD (or nvidia) card should work. But like I said, the benefits of a newer gen card are power savings and usually less noise.
  4. I just did a little more research and it does look like adobe is starting to include support for OpenCL and I can only imagine that support increasing in the future. I'll definitely look into that !

    Thanks again.
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