I5 3570k running hot?

I'm using Core temp to view my temps. Also using the windows 7 CPU meter gadget and task manager to view how much load is being put on the CPU right now I have A bot running for a particular online MMORPG and I've set it to use CPU usage to the lowest possible on the game client. Task manager and CPU gadget are saying my load is between 11-25 -25 being the max it spikes up to.

Core temp is showing my temp at 34 being the lowest-53 being the highest. Is this too high?

Some more information: I have a cooler master v6 gt cpu cooler - which I also used the thermal paste that was included ( probably not the best )

My case is extremely cool never goes over 33c on a hot day in summer and is running 22c in air conditioning.

My cpu is not overclocked. Thanks!
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  1. Those temps are nothing to be worried about at all, but they do seem pretty high for a cooler that big. Did you spread the thermal paste evenly around the cpu before you put the heatsink on? I have a cooler master hyper 212 evo with arctic silver 5 and a 3570k overclocked to 4.3 GHz, and at 100% burn on Prime95 it lingers around the 50 degree range. Idles at around 25 degrees.
  2. I took it upon myself to install the CPU cooler without removing the motherboard from the case. It did take me A fair bit of effort to install, but in the installation process when I put A good amount of thermal grease on the CPU and I spread it around evenly and I placed the coolers on top of the CPU It did move around A fair bit rubbing against each other because it was so hard trying to attach the cooler. That could have crippled the effect of the grease?
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    No, it shouldn't have. I've installed big coolers with the mobo still in the case and gotten optimal temps. If anything, that rubbing helps spread the paste. Maybe your cooler just came with some really crappy grease. Try some arctic silver 5. Also, check in your bios to see if the fan speeds are set too low on the cooler. Some motherboards automatically rev up the fans when the temps increase, some come with preset options. You may also try the program speedfan, which allows you to control your various fan speeds from the OS instead of the bios.
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