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Ok so I've decided to upgrade my FX 8120 to an FX 8350 and not Intel because it is better for my budget. Now I'm looking for a new cpu cooler. I have chosen the Cooler Master V8, Cooler Master V6GT, Corsair H60 or the Corsair H80i. Which is the best for cooling the 8350. If I go with air cooling, does the weight of either of the cooler masters cause a lot of stress on the motherboard? How much better is water cooling over air? All help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Are you asking which one is the best value, or which one will get your temps the lowest? Are you planning to overclock, and if so, by how much?
  2. I would have upgraded to the 8320 because it's the same chip, you can basically overclock it into an 8350. Anyway, The H80i does the best out of all the listed because the coolant in the CPU block cools much better than having heat travel through aluminum fins to be cooled by a fan.
  3. Which one will give me the lowest temps. I will probably overclock to 5.0 GHz.
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    H80i, hands down. Much better cooler than the cheap H60, and it does better than both those air coolers. Never get a gaudy aircooler, by the way - the V8 & V6 look nice, but doesn't necessarily mean they're amazing - a Hyper 212 Plus or EVO probably performs similar to the two at a much lower cost.
  5. Ok, the H80i was my first choice out of all of them, and you hit the nail on the head, I chose the V8 & V6GT because they looked better than the hyper 212 evo. Thanks for your opinion, it made me more confident in my decision.
  6. Good :) Enjoy the H80i, very solid water cooler - me and my friend are gonna set one up in his new server/desktop build with a 3770K!
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  8. If you're willing to spend 110 dollars on the H80i get the NH-D14 or the Phanteks equivalent, they will perform much better and once you factor in PCB cooling and noise output they are by far better values. Even a Thermaltake Frio Advanced will perform roughly on par with an H80i.

    Corsair Link is still terribly broken and the high pitched/grinding noises coming from the waterblock/fan are still not fixed with the i series revision. If a Noctua doesn't fit go with the thermaltake frio.
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