New motherboard and psu. now wont boot.

So I replaced my corsair 850w psu with a 1600w lepa gold and my as rock x79 with the new extreme 11 to support my upcoming upgrades. Now with a gtx 680, 16gb of skill ram, ssd, multiple hdds, bluray drive and 3930k CPU installed it turns on for a split second and then shuts down with the psu still running for about a minute as I can hear the fan. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I would assume its probably the mobo or psu as those are the only new items.
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  1. I heard that a too big of a PSU isn't good for a system. Try making sure the PSU is plugged in to the outlet/mobo correctly. Make sure the components are firmly seated.
  2. Everything is definitely firmly seated and held in place. Going to use the box for the psu and mobo as a test bench in a little while and see if I can get different results. Wish me luck.
  3. Good luck! Also, if it's not too much trouble, you could test by using your other PSU, and if it works, it's definitely a problem with your 1600W PSU.
  4. Unfortunately I was an idiot and sold my old psu before getting the new one. I do have the old mono though. I'm at a hardware store right now as one of the screws.holding the heat sink to the brackets is stripped. I'm hoping a slip joint pliers should do the trick. I don't want to drill and run the risk of getting metal shavings on my beautiful new board...
  5. OK, so my heat sink will not fit with my video card in slot 1... how essential is it that it be in the first slot? I assume it is unwise even just for getting it to post to start with a CPU heat sink.
  6. It can be in any PCIe slot.
  7. OK, bread boarding with no ram and no video card resulted in 3 long beeps.

    Edit: installed one stick of ram and got five short beeps with a d6 error code. Looking up now.
  8. With bread boarding it has now gotten to the boot menu with just a CPU, video card, mono, one stick ofram, and psu. So if it works now is it likely that it was shorting through the case? I'm going to test now with all ram and then go back to the case.
  9. Probably left a standoff somewhere.
  10. I never actually removed any of the standoffs between bread boarding and back to case so I doubt that was it. I think the 24 pin might not have been 100% into the socket on the psu. I'll just assume it was stupidity on my part probably not securing the 24 pin.

    One issue with my psu cables is that they are too thick to allow the side of my case to go on when I plug in the data power connectors to my hdds. Does anyone know if it is better to get third party cables and replace them is I need 90 elbow connectors or should I just get extensions.
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