Simple question about case fans being connected via molex & noise

I've got a lamptron fc5 running 4 120mm fans. I bought and am waiting on A couple of 3 pin Y connectors so I could connect 2 fans to 1 channel on the fan controller ( I think it says It can power up to 30 watts per channel ) In the mean time I have another 120mm fan on the bottom of the case directly connected via molex cable. I've used silicon screws on all fans so they are as quite as can be. The fan on the bottom is making a high pitched buzzing like noise what I believe would be caused by being connected via molex. I know being directly connected via molex means the fan is running at full speed but I know the noise is not being caused by vibration.

Just want to confirm if I'm right.

Also another question. I purchased A cooler master rifle red led 120mm fan to replace one of the fans in my cooler master v6 gt to give it a bit of color. I didn't realize it had A 3 pin connector and when I tried to plug it into the 4 pin Y connector that came with the cooler ( as it runs 2 120mm fans through the mobo 4 pin connector ) it didn't work. I know the 4 pin is for PWM and because the cooler master has a 3 pin there would be a conflict in the mother boards controller. Is there any such cable such as a 3 pin to 4 pin adapter?

I know it won't control the fan like the other 4 pin PWM fans I just want it to run of the same mobo 4 pin connector as the other fan, as I have it connected via molex and also could be a culprit to the high pitched noise

Thanks in advance!
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    The bottom fan sounds like its vibrating against something. 120's are typically quite even at full speed. You can press on the fan casing and see if it quiets up. If so get some silicon washers/spacers to put between the fan and the case. The screws would go thru them to give you an idea.

    the 3 wire fan into the 4 pin adapter should run that fan at 100% just like plugging it into a molex but the adapter throws a curve into this. You might need to remove the 3rd wire (fan speed) so as not to confuse the motherbd. I'm thining one of the adapters would not have this wire anyway so check both 4pin ends of that adapter you have and use that one for the 3wire fan.
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