Clicking / tapping noise

My power supply seems to be making a intermittent clicking or tapping noise. Pretty loud, enough to be annoying and heard from several feet away.

Every 10 or 20 seconds it will make a series of light taps (not just one click and gone) that would almost be described as a rattle if it were constant enough.

I have looked with a flashlight if something is hitting the fan but doesn't seem so. Started after I got back from holiday vacation.

Is it worth trying to open the thing up? Or does that entail risk of physical harm? :pt1cable:

EDIT: Its an Antec HCG 620W
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  1. It can't hurt as long as your careful.Just keep in mind that those large capacitors can retain voltage on them. I dont imagine you'll be poking around in there with yor finger thou. I don't think you'll find anything that you can DO anything about since it isnt something hitting a fan.
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