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I have an asus A7V133 MB. In the manual it states that it can handle 1.5 gb of ram. When I install 3 512mg ram chips I receive an error message"Insufficient memory to utilize windows" however when I boot up the computer recognizes the 1.5gb of ram. What is my problem? Thanks
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  1. Are you using win9x. They have problem with system with more than 512MB.
  2. If you are using Win9x/Me please read: <A HREF="" target="_new"> Q253912</A> this is a known problem for these OS's. It is not your M/B.

    Recommendation, upgrade to Win2k/XP. These can handle your large amounts of DRAM sufficiently.

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  3. yes i would upgrade, if you got 1.5gb of ram in that box, i wouldn't know why you would be running win9x/ME.

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  4. I had the EXACT same problem. Darn. I wish I could remember how MS techies fixed it. There is a line somewhere in the Win.ini or sys.ini file that limits the memory.
    I had to edit it and the problem was solved.
    Might wanna call MS about it or check their data base.

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