Fx 6100 core question for Windows 8

i have AMD Fx 6100 Processor and i am running windows 8 i have some question reading core and Ram i attach my pc image for better clarification

1) Even i have Six core task manager & Performance report shows 3 core and Core tamp shows 6 core ?
2) i am using 64Bit OS even i can only able to use 3.73GB ram (Bcoz of i dont have graphic card ?)

and sorry for my bad English .
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  1. The FX Series processors are somewhat misleading in their core count. Although there are technically 6 cores, there are actually 3 groups of two cores, which share the same cache and lanes and whatnot. An FX core is not the same as an Intel core, which are completely independent of each other. Notice how Task Manager shows that there are 6 logical processors. According to AMD, each of those is a core. Perfectly normal. As for the RAM, 64-bit Windows 8 shouldn't have a limit of 4GB, I'll look into that and see what I can find.
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