Tiny Green Dots and Computer Freezing on Startup

Hi my computer suddenly developed this issue of freezing after 2-3mins on startup. There is also some tiny green dots on the screen which I suspect might be graphical issue. I have tried installing older nvidia drivers and using system restore but the problem is still there. I was using the computer just fine this morning. I can use the computer without problem in safe mode but normal boot into windows and the computer will hang.

Anyone know what is the problem? Probably not hardware since i can boot into safe mode? Or is it overheating issue? :cry:

Computer specs (Can't really remember)
C2D 6600 2.4ghz
Nvidia 9800gt
Asus P5k Pro motherboard
Some 450watt psu
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  1. Hello

    Seems like you have some artefacts on your screen, which are usually caused by overheating, instability or a faulty graphics card.

    You can check the GPU temps with Hardware monitor or GPU-Z. If you haven't overclocked the graphics card and the temps are ok then your graphics card may be faulty.

    I would also try a different monitor/T.V and cable if possible.
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