My processor supports FSB 800 only but my ddr3 4gb ram is 1333 FSB.

My processor is a dual core 2.6 .. and my motherboard is a g41 ddr3 .. my ram is ddr3 4gb with a FSB of 1333 .. so since my CPU's FSB is lower .. will there be any problem ? Wont the ram work ?

p..s. - my motherboard supports 800/1333/1600 FSB
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  1. Yes, it will work.
  2. are u sure ? .. how come ? will it downclock ?
  3. I don't remember any FSB/memory combination not working. The memory to FSB ratio affected performance, but I don't recall any outright incompatibility.
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    The memory speed and front side buss are not sync’d with a common speed. Yes, sometimes it works out that way, but not always. The engineers that designed the motherboard made allowances for this.
    Your computers speed is 2.6Ghz. This is the rate at which it computes, 2.6 billion floating operation points per second. The Buss speed is how fast the computers motherboard can distribute commands and data from the processor, in this case, 800 mhz.
    The memory speed is how fast the memory can turn on and off zeros every second, in this case 1.333 ghz (its slightly more complicated, but that’s what wiki is for).

    Clear as mud?
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  6. @Falcon !! Thanku !!! Its working with no problems !!!!!!

    @Groundrat Yes sir !! clear as the blue sky !!! Thank u for ur kind help !!!!;)
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