AMD AM3+ vs LGA 1155 Upgrade Path

AMD AM3+ has the new piledrivers in its new processor, but does this match the power of Intel's Ivy Bridge?
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  1. AM3+ will be used for steamroller and lga 1155 is dead with ivy bridge so unless u get an i3 and in a few months go i5/i7 its the only upgrade for 1155
  2. The generally consensus is that no the current AMD am3+ processor do not match ivy or sandy bridge in terms on cpu power. but it does not need to as most people would not notice any major difference in their computer.

    while amd processor have more cores for a cheaper price intel has stronger individual cores. so say you have a program that only uses one core than intel would come out on top. but if you need more cores than amd will win because its the cheaper option to be able to run that program. sure an intel quad core will also run it well, perhaps better but it will also cost you more.(although i find the price difference not that big so i usually go intel)

    it really just depends on how much cpu strength you need and you need to weigh your options. over all intel has everything you need for a slightly higher price. but you are not doing super strenuous computer tasks you may find yourself able to slip by with a cheaper amd computer
  3. Not sure about this thread.
  4. Piledriver is very competitive with ivy bridge, performance wise, up to about $200. After that, intel dominates the high end.

    To make it really simple, under $200, intel is the stronger gaming chip, AMD the stronger chip for non-game applications. Intel uses less power, but AMD give your more performance at the same price point.

    Over $200, intel is the only game in town. AMD doesn't have a chip with an MSRP past that point.

    As for socket compatibility, Intel has already announced that it will abandon socket 1155 with their next generation chip, Haswell. AMD has not made an official announcement on the future of socket AM3+. But given their history, it is expected that AM3+ will be used for steamroller, their next generation chip.
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