I am stuck.

hello and happy new year,

For new year, my motherboard decided to die on me.
I had a msi nf750a-g55 mobo which had am3 socket.

Right now i am stuck with an amd phenom II 965.

What should I do at this point? Haswell is coming this april and i am thinking of going with intel as am3+ cpus dont interest me as of now.
Although, i just read articles on Steamroller... is it going to be equal or better than the 3570k for gaming? Is it going to be a cpu or apu? If it's a cpu, do you think it's worth buying an am3+ mobo and use my PII 965 until Steamroller gets out?

what should I do.....

thank you for your kind reponse
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  1. the phenom ii x4 965 is still a very capable cpu. i would just buy a cheap motherboard for the meantime and wait for haswell.

    amd also claimed that the bulldozer was going to crush sandybridge but that didnt work out too well :P only time will tell on the steamroller.
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