15-17ms response time too high for FPS Gaming?

I wanted to buy the Dell UltraSharp U2711 for FPS gaming on BF3 and up coming titles such as Crysis 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but I read on a reviewing website that it has 15-17ms response time. I was wondering if this is would be okay for FPS Gaming. I realize that all the pro gamers use monitors/TV's that have under 2ms response time. Now, I would like to get into the competitive seen of gaming and I was wondering if this monitor wouldn't constrict me from doing so. At first I was looking at the BenQ XL2420T, it has a 120hz refresh rate and has 2ms response time, but tbh, I like to have large screens. I've been playing on a 40 inch for over 4 years now and I think going down to a 24 inch would just be too drastic of a change for me to get used to. The reason I am looking at the Dell UltraSharp is because I play a lot of BF3 and the graphics are suppose to look incredible on this monitor (even though they already look insane), I'm a graphics whore, what can I say :). I would appreciate as much feedback on this matter as possible. :)

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  1. Hey

    I'f you actually want to play competitively (I.E In competitions) then you'll have a slight disadvantage, if your just playing online multi-player then I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  2. When I mean competitive, I mean GameBattles clan matches and such, nothing major like MLG tournaments. :) I wish :p
  3. If your just getting the monitor for gaming and have no interest in photo-editing/professional type work then I would personally choice a monitor more suited to gaming (lower response time).
  4. If I was to go with the Dell UltraSharp U2711, I would be using 2 monitors. The Dell for gaming and a 23 inch for multitasking. Do you know if I would have to keep the resolutions the same or what? And if so, would resolution would that be?
  5. Yes you can run two monitors at the same or different resolution.

    The Dell is an excellent monitor but its drawback is its latency and so isn't a great choice for gaming, but its your money.
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