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hello everyone. I'm planing on upgrading my rig (which I use primarily for gaming) and I was hoping you guys could help me with something. and I apologize in advance for my noobery.

first off my current rig:
Core 2 quad q9400 2.66 Ghz
ASUS p5n-d mobo
8 gig ram
GTX 460
Corsair 650w
windows 7 64-bit

what I'm upgrading to:
Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz
ram (undecided at the moment, but going for 8 gigs)
GTX 670

right now I can either upgrade just my GPU first, or I can upgrade my motherboard, CPU and ram first. it will be about 2 months (maybe a little less) before I am able buy the other upgrades, but I would like to have a decent performance increase during those 2 months that I'm saving up. I know my current CPU would bottleneck a GTX 670, but maybe OCing my CPU would help a little. so my question is, would it be more beneficial to upgrade my GPU now, and then my CPU etc in 2 months, or the other way around? or is this a profoundly stupid question?
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    CPU first. The extra speed might help the GTX460 go a bit faster. But more importantly it will allow the GPU prices to settle down seeing as the GTX660T Ijust came out. The 460 isn't a horrible card so you should still be able to play everything.
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  3. I completely forget about the 660ti, so yeah it makes sense to wait awhile. thank you! I feel better now :D
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