Pc will boot after 3 tries

So just the day before new years I got a Radeon HD 7950 coming from GTX 275 1.7 gb.

Today while playing black ops 2 my computer froze since that time my computer will not properly boot.

Here is what I did

1) had 14gb of ram , took out 6 (have 8left)
2) unplugged bluray rom for now same thing happens
3) I put my old gtx sometimes it would boot but not always so again same issue

sometimes it will boot after 1st try but usually only after 3 times.

This is a video I made:

My CPU is core i7 930 2.8 ghz
I also have 2 SSD drives and one 7200 rpm
also have Asus Xonar DX soundcard , will also try tomorrow without soundcard for view hours.

This is my PSU:


someone please help me. Thank you
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  1. lol cmon that xpower psu is a joke for i7 and 7950
    buy this, and you power shortage problem will be solved
  2. +1 for dodgy power supply.
  3. yip it's your power supply never cheap out on a power supply it is the heart of a system :)
  4. I was really hoping not to spend more money again .. can you guys recommend any other one for up to 110-120$ ?
  5. - Seasonic - OCZ - Corsair

    really there are lots of quality PSU's in your budget and you only need a 450w supply or so.
  6. Another problem I am noticing is that randomly when playing game computer will freeze could this be a reason why?

    Also my core i7 temps are just little below 70 when playing games (I have 2 monitors) on second one I see live temperatures.

    Once again I apperciate all the help. Thank you!

    @popatim would you be kind enough to find me one on - ? I could just locally go to microcenter.

  7. that one is fine will be ok for future upgrades like crossfire or sli :)
  8. Last question and I will be all set.

    Will this be even better then the one I posted a link from Newegg?

    99.99% of the time I buy online but at this point I just don't want to wait rather go locally and even pay tax that happens like never with me.

    Thanks again!
  9. looks good to me but you get a better warranty with the evga both good psu's for what you want it for :)
  10. kenny3105 said:
    looks good to me but you get a better warranty with the evga both good psu's for what you want it for :) has it wrong.

    EVGA says the warranty is 3 years for the 120-PB-0750-KR model.

    The 120-PG-0750-GR model is the one with the 5 year warranty.
  11. yeah that gs800 is a good unit. I wish I had an MC nearby but the closest one is 6hrs away :-(
  12. I actually decided no to buy it yet I have to live with the problem for a while I will be having a 15$ gift card from Newegg so I will wait extra 4 days.

    I would like to spend a max of 120$ -15$ so that would be like 105$ also I do not care about shipping price because I have ShopRunner from Newegg so that gives me free shipping. Any other recommendations from Newegg?

    fyi the same evga power supply in micro center is 160$ which is a crazy price...

    EDIT: I found this PSU and it is 50$ which as SUPER SUPER deal anyone tell me if it will be good for me?
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    NONONO Don't go with a brand like that over Seasonic , Corsair etc. Get that Corsair GS PSU and don't cheap out. If you keep using a cheap PSU then eventually it might short circuit the system or mess it up. That's when you'll have to spend more than a PSU and be crying your eyes when it all goes kaboooom ;)
  14. Just wanted to make sure :P thanks!
    I will go with this one.
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  16. Yeah the Corsair TX series are quite good. Like I said never cheap out on Power Supplies , not worth being cheap.
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