Dual screen setup issues

I have just bought a 22 inch samsung syncmaster and have set it up in dual screen with my current monitor, It says it is a 1080p monitor and it is set-up on this setting however i am getting a large portion of the screen unused, about 1 and a half inches around the outside are unused, any suggestions?
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  1. Hello

    Sounds like an underscan issue, are you using an AMD or Nvidia graphics card?
  2. AMD 6950
  3. Brilliant, just downloading the cataylst control centre, I had the AMD Vision engine control centre.

    But while im at it the new monitor doesnt appear to be able to auto adjust, any suggestions on how to get the screen sharper?

    I have had a little mess around with menus but is there something that would help?
  4. Are you referring to the menus in CCC or on your monitor?
  5. On the monitor
  6. If you can't get the sharpness correct with the monitor menu's at your monitor is running at its native resolution then try the catalyst control centre, it should have options to adjust the monitors display settings.
  7. Massive thanks, it appears sorting out the underscan actually improved the screen quality a lot, cheers!
  8. No worries, glad its sorted :)
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