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1) Intel i7-3770k Processor
2) ASUS P8Z77-V Lk Motherboard
3) Corsair AX650Watt 80+Gold
4) GTX 680 Lightning
5) intel 520 ssd
6) 4x4gb 1866 RAM
7) Cooler Master 212 evo
8) Bitfenix Colossus

The above are the spces i'm getting, will this PSU have enougih cables to connect to everything??

2 8 pins are required for GPU and there're 2 230mm fans in the case
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  1. Will be just fine.
  2. cball1311 said:
    Will be just fine.

    btw how do i convert psu cables into 6 pin?? cause the GPU comes with dual 6 pin to 8pin converter, so i need to convert PSU to 6pin so i can use the converter to 8pin
  3. Chances are the cables will be 6+2pin, which means it can be used as either a 6pin or 8pin connector. No adapters will be needed.
  4. thanks a lot !
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