Suspicious PSU problem

Hi. I bought myself a video card, Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti about a month ago but i was getting lock ups in games such as COD MW2. I fixed this problem by disabling the Intel common user interface from startup in msconfig but now i face a new problem. My computer power-offs and restarts when im playing games now and get random 0 FPS lags spikes which last around 1-5 sec from time to time before the computer power offs and restarts. I checked my temps they seemed fine.

CPU idle - 32 degrees Celsius, Load - 55-65 degrees Celsius
GPU idle - 32 degrees Celsius, Load - 54-68 degrees Celsius
I recently cleaned out my CPU heat sink also and reapplied with Arctic cooling MX-2 thermal paste

I managed to stop the power offs by under clocking my GPU to around 600 - 800 MHz from the stock 900 MHz and also the shader clock to 1300 MHz from stock 1800 MHz. However i am not getting the most of my video card so i want this problem fixed.
I am therefore suspecting my PSU as it is a generic 500w "Penguin" brand. This is a picture of it (

My specs are:

Intel E8400 core 2 duo @ 3.0 GHz
Asus P5G41T-M LE motherboard
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
2x2gb (4Gb) Ram

I also ran furmark but the computer did not shutdown.

Please give me some advice on this problem and if you find anything else wrong dont hesitate to post. THANK YOU!!!! :D
P.S If it is a problem with the PSU i plan to get the Silverstone strider essential 500w PSU.
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  1. Just gonna post that i bought the new branded PSU by silverstone and now everything works flawlessly.
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