Saints Row the third lag??

hey guys... i got Radeon HD 5570 1GB GDDR5..and i get like 9-15 fps(even at the lowest settings) wtf..any ideas ppl..??...the first two missions bank and airplane was running super smooth on max.....also it runs like 60 fps in indoors..anybody havin similiar issues?? there a fix patch for this?
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  1. Just download the patch from where ever ya bought it if there is one, dont play the game but if there is performance issues an its in a patch, get it there. Also the 5570 isnt a powerhouse for gaming. Turn down the specs.
  2. Quote:"Also the 5570 isnt a powerhouse for gaming" Can you say understatement. It is recommended that if you are doing a gpu upgrade go three teirs up. You can do that 4 times to get to a GTX680. Look here.,3107-7.html
    Edit: If you are going to buy hardware - ask the people at Tom's for advice before you hit the buy button.
  3. But as compared to other high intesity games like assassin's creed revelations, crysis,crysis 2 etc..which can all be maxed with this card....also battlefield 3 ran pretty well with most settings on ultra(some turned to med) with native resolution 1280x1024 and no AA.......
    also this thread says saints Row 3 is playable..
    which is a low card as compared to mine..
  4. So why don;t you put your specs up t begin with? I think the standard gaming res is 1080. No matter how you look at it - HD5570 will never be more that a budget gaming card. What can you expect from a card at that price point. Sure at lower resolutions, and turning off the gpu power consumption options you can play these games but....
    Those games you state cannot be maxxed out with that card.
  5. Maybe the processor is holding you back. What are the specs of your comptuer?
  6. My specs:
    4 gb ram ddr2
    XFX Radeon HD 5570 1gb GDDR5
    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E4500 2.80 GHZ

    Btw i'm trying on the lowest settings as possible...on DX9..:D..but stuttering still occurs..maybe it's the processor :(
  7. Dx9 is not very well optimised but Dx11 is. Try Running it in Dx11. It might give u a boost.( You can run it even without a Dx11 Compatible Card)
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