No Boot Disk Has Been Detected

I am having a problem getting my PC to boot.

Its a Gateway SX 2110g-UW308.

It all started when I was watching a video on youtube when it just froze up. I restarted and the computer would just hang after logging in. I could switch from metro to desktop just fine, but I couldnt start anything up. No task manager, internet, nothing. So I unplugged the internet and it started working again.

I thought the PC had a virus so I did a complete scan with NOrton and Mal Ware BYtes, but nothing came up. So I uninstalled the Netgear wireless modem drivers and reinstalled, to no avail.

I decided to re install windows, but since I didnt have a Win 8 DVD, I just popped in a Win 7 one. The computer would not boot from the DVD. I tried everything to get it to boot, but nothing worked.

So I took the hdd, put it in another PC and installed windows 7 on that. I deleted all three partitions that the hdd had on it, OEM, System Resever, and Power Reset Button (something like that, it was the Recovery partition) because it would not let me install windows 7 on any of the partitions since they were all linked together.

So installed Windows 7 on it, and popped it back on the other PC.

Lo and behold, It would not boot. I keep getting the error message " Error: No Boot Disk Has Been Detected Or The Disk Has Failed".

I checked the cables, they were working fine. I switched sata ports, no avail. I plugged the HDD back on to the other pc and it was working fine again.

I decided it was probably Windows 7 incompatible, so I downloaded a win 8 image and installed it back on to the HDD using the working pc then popped the hd back into the Gateway. But it still gave me the error message.

I also tried completely formatting the drive and installing it blank see if it would at least say something else, but same error message.

At this point Im thinking that installing win 7 might have deleted something that the BIOS needed in order to boot properly. Everything is in perfect working condition hardware wise (except maybe the WAN mini port which started all of this.)

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. Also, I couldnt get the pc to boot from a windows cd or a windows boot drive.
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