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My psp wont let me access the internet due to a dns error code

For some odd reason, my playstation portable system will not allow me to access the wifi signal anywhere there is one available. The problem seems to be that the dns code is not correct. I need a COMPLETE & relatively EASY "walk-through" to fix this problem :cry:
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    I wouldn't call it some odd reason though.
    Wifi signals are all over , no doubt, but to be able to use them, firstly you need them to be open and not wep or wpa protected. Secondly,if they are open, then you need to have DHCP on those AP's enabled to be able to acquire a valid IP fo that network, this is for LAN connectivity, and thirdly and finally, you need to have either the right DNS entries of that particular network on the PSP or then have the AP configured in such a way that it allows it's clients to automatically use it's DNS entries like carry them forward.
    If you have a WiFi router that you can access and configure it'll be pretty easy to get the setup working. All you need is the routers manual. they have the guides in them.
    You also need to check the IP settings of the PSP to be on Dynamic and not static IP & DNS.
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