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SSD/HDD combo- Antivirus Software hangs/freezes computer...

I'm so exhausted from this new build. I've run into almost every crazy problem that could arise and after hours, I finally solved most of them but now I've run into something I can't find an answer to anywhere so far.

I have an SSD/HDD combo going on and I've edited my Reg keys so that all my program installs and such default to my mechanical drive using this tutorial:

Ran into a few bumps while installing necessary updates/programs that required me to change my install destination back to my C drive (IE9 for one) but now I cannot install ANY antivirus without it hanging and freezing up my computer. This is driving me nuts!!

I tried AVG and it wouldn't let me turn on the Anti Virus component...I gave up trying to figure that out and tried MSE. MSE seemed to be fine but then it froze up my computer too. Say that I open up IE or Office- the program wouldn't respond. Opening "Start" would freeze. I system restored back to right before I installed either anti virus.

PLEASE help!! I really need to get a anti virus installed and have this new computer up and running asap and I have tried everything I could think of!

Running Win 7 Ultimate x64
128 GB Crucial M4 SSD
750 GB WD Caviar Black HDD
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    I read (forgot where) that using the registry to change the default location for Program installs is NOT a recommended method.

    It is best to leave the default to the C drive and for the programs that allow selecting the drive/directory to install to, direct them to the HDD. A typical installation excluding games only takes 30->40 gigs and that is with leaving the commonly used programs on the C drive.

    Three tweaks to save space:
    .. Disable hibernation - save an amount equal to ram.
    .. Set page file (virtual memory) min and max to the same value. For an 8 gig ram system recommend Min/max be set to 1024 mb. This will save about 5 gigs. Really pressed, move page file to HDD, Very slight performance Hit.
    ..Manage restore points - Limit the amount of Disk space allowed as restore points ove time can eat up alot of space. Myself I just disable Restore points and rely on using windows 7 to Image the Boot drive.
  2. I would agree leave the reg alone, change the install dir as and when you install each program, you can just overtype the C with D/E/F

    Can you fix it, is it possible to go back to a restore point or a previous version of the reg? might help
  3. I am going to recommend just telling software to install on the other drive. Most software lets you select it's install location

    Messing with the registry for this is not always good as you have already seen.

    there is a program called steam mover. While made for moving steam games, it may work with apps as well. May be worth a try to move some apps over that did not know how to install on another drive.

    I have not tried it, but you can't hurt things any more at this point.
  4. I have made an earlier post on how to run with a SSD/HDD combo and setup it all up and the use hard symbolic links off the hdd back to the ssd for software installs. As for AV, I like GFI/Vipre (malwarebytes) Internet Security, it just works.
  5. Thanks everyone, I decided to change back my reg keys back to their former states and I am not receiving that horrible problem so far. :) I am going through the SSD tweak links and making adjustments that are suggested....this is my first build so any other helpful links are welcome. Thank you again!
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